Patio Doors

Patio doors have always been a part of the traditional style of architecture. With a large glass window providing door access to the outdoors, these doors look incredibly stylish. Patio doors are known to bring in a lot of fresh air and natural light throughout the day without compromising on the safety of your family members.

The patio doors offered at Windtek comes with smooth and durable performance. Along with offering excellent insulation from heat and cold, the sliding designs are a great choice for the ones looking for using their space in an efficient manner. Also, the high-quality safety glass is designed for enhancing energy efficiency and providing maximum security. Moreover, when you choose us, you will receive factory-direct pricing coupled with a lifetime warranty as you deal directly with the manufacturer.

The patio doors at Windtek are manufactured in-house and custom made for each client’s specific needs. Before carrying out the installation process for you, our professional team will first visit your home or business premises to get a clear picture of what you want. With quality products and installations done right, you can rely on the expertise we have attained over the past years.

Victorian Patio Door Performance Series

The Victorian Patio Door Performance Series is manufactured from the most advanced vinyl. A high- grade resin recipe unmatched for strength and freedom from wear. Offering beauty and performance- it will not rot rust, pit or blister over long periods of time.
Our multi-chambered, all-vinyl frame is durable and easy to install. Maximized strength withstands high winds and provides superior air tightness.

Sunview Essex Swing Patio Door

There is nothing quite like a Sunview Essex Swing Patio Door. The execution of an uncompromising vision in advanced vinyl. It was conceived to create unmatched performance with the satisfying vistas only a swinging patio door can provide. From its secure five-point locking system to its superior energy – efficient dual-glazed Low E glass, it’s your best choice for quality, design and functionality.

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